Camas Roots Volunteer Opportunities


The Camas Roots Garden has many opportunities for community volunteers who like to work outdoors and⁄or like working with kids of all ages. We try to match volunteers to activities that meet their skills and interests, so please contact us if you would like to volunteer and we can figure out how to put you to work! We’re a fun group and get great satisfaction from engaging kids in gardening and growing food for the community.

In the Garden:

  • Planting and weeding – join a work party with Juvenile Justice youth or help with a regularly scheduled high school class in the spring or fall.
  • Field trips – staff activity stations for class field trips from neighboring schools.
  • Greenhouses – work with Skyridge Middle School and Hayes Freedom High School to grow seed starts in school district greenhouses.
  • Irrigation repair and maintenance – in the spring we’ll need to check our hoses, fix any that are broken and start up the automatic drip system.
  • Hauling and spreading manure-we get our manure from Conway Family Farm, but periodically need help from folks with pick up trucks or trailers to haul it to the garden.
  • Summer harvesting-help pick summer produce and deliver to Interfaith Treasure House food bank.
  • Vertical growing supports-we need help building more trellis structures for cucumbers, beans, peas, tomatoes and other plants that need support.
  • Raspberry supports-we need to install a support system for our raspberries.

Garden Enhancements:

  • Signage-do you like art or have access to woodworking tools? We’d love to get better signage in the garden and involve kids in the process.
  • Brick oven-several of our volunteers are keen to investigate the possibility of building a brick oven on site. Would you like to help?
  • Garden Art-do you love to do mosaics, garden flags, or recycled art? Could you share that skill with kids to create art for the garden?
  • Cooking from the garden-we occasionally have opportunities to bring garden produce into classrooms for cooking and tasting. If you have chef skills, let us know!

Community Outreach:

  • Camas Mother’s Day Garden Fair – help us staff our booth at this fun community event. We typically do an activity in the Kid Zone. Or, pot up your perennials or seed starts to donate to the sale.
  • Camas Farmer’s Market – help us be a presence at the market by helping set up and tear down our booth and supervise students as they sell our produce.

For more information about how to volunteer with Camas Roots, please contact us!

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